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Tales from the Tundra by James Westbrooks

WMU Foundation board member James Westbrooks is spending the month of February as a volunteer faculty member at Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College. James has already discovered that Canada is a little different from his home state of Texas.


Mentors Make the Difference in CWJC

One of the best things about Christian Women's Job Corps® is the mentoring relationship. Participants need someone in their lives who can encourage them and tell them that they can do it. You could be that person!


First 2014 HEART Fund Grant Made to Washington, Illinois

A series of tornadoes caused widespread damage in Washington, Illinois. But before rebuilding efforts got underway, the area was slammed with multiple snowstorms. As weeks have now stretched into months, residents are praying for an end to the snow so that they can begin necessary repairs and rebuilding projects.


Parents Make Lasting Missions Impression

Dale and Fay Bryant (pictured here with their grandchildren) were married for nearly 64 years before Dale passed away. Their daughter, Glenda Palmer, recently made a gift to the WMU Foundation in honor of her mother and in memory of her father. Glenda says of her parents:


End Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking in the U.S. is a $9.8 billion industry. It is horrific and unnacceptable. Work with us to combat human trafficking around the world. Support education and awareness; housing, counseling, and job skills training for victims; development of micro-enterprise businesses to provide wages for human trafficking victims; and efforts aimed at prohibiting human trafficking and aiding victims. Your gift to the Hayes Endowment helps end human trafficking. 

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Did Your Easter Take a Wrong Turn? 04/21/14

How are you feeling today? It's the day after Easter. Be honest - are you glad it's over? Was it too much and too stressful?

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