Wanda Lee Joy Fund


The Wanda Lee Joy Fund provides a solid financial foundation for national WMU, both now and into the future. The fund was renamed in June of 2010 in honor of Wanda Lee's 10th anniversary as executive director of national WMU.

In fact, WMU is already using the Wanda Lee Joy Fund to meet current pressing needs. Although WMU is not in financial jeopardy, the demands of this vibrant and life-changing missions organization are growing each day. Also, national WMU has never received an allocation from the Cooperative Program budget because it remains a self-supporting, non-profit corporation. Through the Wanda Lee Joy Fund, we can ensure that adequate resources exist to underwrite the vital work of WMU.

Wanda Lee Joy Fund articles:

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Behind the Scenes

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Support national WMU today through the Wanda Lee Joy Fund.  Send your gift to WMU Foundation/Wanda Lee Joy Fund, 100 Missionary Ridge, Birmingham, AL 35242.

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