Three Ordinary Women

I love that ordinary people can be part of the Walk of Faith because it is ordinary people, responding to God’s call, who make a real difference. It is people like my mom, Jackie George. As a young mom, she led missions groups at 66th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. When I was five years old, my mother pressed me into service as the GA Scepter Bearer for coronation ceremonies.

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I would later marry Allyson, who loves children and missions. She encouraged me to participate in numerous missions trips and always looked for ways we could do more for others. My daughter, Katelyn, is a lot like her mother and grandmother, always encouraging me to do more and give more to help others. These three amazing women have influenced and shaped my life, inspiring me to love missions more.

I’m thrilled that the brick bearing their names will be a lasting tribute to these three ordinary women who’ve had an extraordinary impact on my life. They lead by example, and this brick is a small but lasting reminder of the difference they have made.

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Who made a difference in your life? Whose influence instilled a love for missions in your heart? I hope you will take the time to say thank you if they are still living. If they have passed away, what a blessing it would be to let their family know how their loved one made a lasting impact.

What is the Walk of Faith?

The Walk of Faith is an honor/memorial garden recognizing those who inspire us to love missions. The bricks will be laid at the national WMU building in Birmingham, Alabama. 100% of your brick purchase helps meet the needs of WMU.

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Written by David George, president of the WMU Foundation.

Zachariah Seanor

Director of Mission Advancement