Packing is Hard: A Simplified Guide to Sharing the Gospel

When it comes to sharing the Gospel, I want to be prepared. I want to carefully choose my words as I share with others. I want to prayerfully consider how the conversations could go and let God guide me. I can’t do that if I’m scrambling at the last minute.


Although sharing Christ isn’t easy, it’s of vital importance. In Lottie’s own words, “How can I not speak, when I know the words of life?” Luckily, you don’t need much to share Him with your neighbors. Here’s what I pack:

Prayer: I believe all things begin with prayer. I’m not always great at finding the right words to say, but I know God honors my efforts. I have made it a habit to pray each morning on my way to work, and it has helped me tremendously throughout the day. It helps me focus on glorifying God instead of worrying about selfish things. Sometimes, random people pop into my head during those prayer times, and I know that’s God telling me to pray for them and maybe even share Him with them.

Bible study: Everyone has heard this, but you don’t go to take a math test without working on a few practice problems first. It’s the same with the Bible. It’s hard to share about Christ and all He can offer to others when you don’t even know the full story yourself. I have recently become a Bible journaler, and it has helped me understand and appreciate God’s Word in a new and fresh way that I am so thankful for. It has also opened up new doors for me because I can talk to nonbelievers and believers alike who are interested in learning more about the creative side of this type of study.

Encouragement: My top two spiritual gifts are administration and encouragement. So basically, I’m going to help people through tough times in a very organized way! I fully believe that relationship-building is the first step to sharing Christ with another person, and I think encouragement is a great way to begin that. It’s not difficult to lend a listening ear or to give a positive comment to someone struggling, but it can make all the difference in their life.

There are so many other things that would be helpful on this Christ-sharing journey, but you can’t go wrong if these three things lay the foundation for you.

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Maegan Dockery is donor administrator at the WMU Foundation. She loves creative Bible journaling.

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