Jesus, Take the Will

With apologies to Carrie Underwood and her rendition of “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” I often find it is easier to ask Jesus to take the “wheel” of my life when things are spinning out of control. However, I typically struggle to give Jesus the “will” of my life, which contributes to life seeming out of control in the first place. We tend to want an easy fix for the present situation we are in more than desiring for God to direct our will each day.

How do we ensure our will is faithfully being stewarded to God? We have to relinquish control of our will and give it over to God.


As the hymn* says:
Take my will and make it Thine,
It shall be no longer mine.

In Luke 12, Jesus teaches us a plan for stewarding our life as He tells the parable of the “rich fool.” The rich man had an abundant harvest but no place to store his food. He thought of tearing down his barns and building bigger ones just to be able to take life easy knowing he had all of his riches stored up. However, God said it would be foolish of the man to use his resources this way and wanted him to think of others and give his riches away instead of keeping them to himself.

As good stewards of the resources we are given, we are asked to not only provide for our material needs but the needs of others. Calvin Partain tell us in his book, More Than Money, that a faithful steward believes God owns everything and is the owner by right of redemption through His Son, Jesus. A faithful steward has meaningful purpose and fellowship with God.

There are two definitions of the word will: “a deliberate or fixed desire or intention; the thing that one desires (one’s heart)” and “a legal document containing instructions as to what should be done with one’s money and property after one’s death (one’s estate plan).”

If giving God my will (heart) and stewarding my life for the sake of others to know Jesus is what is best for my life, then wouldn’t it be good to consider stewarding my will (estate plan) in the same way?

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At the WMU Foundation, we want to help you find your missions passion as you develop holistic stewardship for the sake of the gospel among all nations. We can help you walk through the questions you may have as you consider what God wants you to do with your estate through planned giving.

For more information on estate planning or planned giving, contact David George at or visit our Planned Giving page for a free planned giving guide.

*From hymn Take My Life and Let It Be by Frances Havergal.

Written by David George, President of the WMU Foundation.