Supporting the Most Vulnerable: Jackson/Reese Endowment

In Rwanda, WorldCrafts artisan group More Than Sparrows helps free women from the sex trade and provides them an opportunity to lead a normal, dignified life. A representative from More Than Sparrows says, “WorldCrafts has created more than just hope for our artisan group members, it’s created shared values too. These women can believe in a bright future because of the money they are making through WorldCrafts.”


This story, along with countless others, is possible with help provided from the Jackson/Reese Endowment.

The Purpose

The Jackson/Reese Endowment supports the work of WorldCrafts as it develops sustainable, fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world. Each WorldCrafts product represents a life changed by the opportunity to earn an income with dignity and to hear the offer of eternal hope.

Who It Supports

WorldCrafts partners with more than 50 artisan groups in more than 20 countries around the world—providing hope in difficult circumstances. A representative from WorldCrafts artisan group, Refugee Sewing Society, shares about the impact of this support, “Our partnership with WorldCrafts has opened the door for us to share with different WMU groups about the work we are doing with refugee women in Clarkston, GA.” The representative continues, “As more people have a greater awareness of the scope of our ministry, they are eager to partner with us in prayer and the purchase of our products.”

The African Pennant Banner is made by women from More Than Sparrows in Rwanda.

The African Pennant Banner is made by women from More Than Sparrows in Rwanda.

The Impact

From Sauyunan Handicrafts in Indonesia to More Than Sparrows in Rwanda to Refugee Sewing Society in the United States, the Jackson/Reese Endowment brings hope to the most vulnerable. Effectively, Sauyunan Handicrafts helps women earn an income for themselves and their families. An artisan discusses the impact this organization has had in her life, “Before I worked with Sauyunan, it was difficult for my family to have money to eat. Now I have money to buy new clothes for my children and meat for meals.”

Similarly, an artisan from the Refugee Sewing Society, Lucy, shares how she was very depressed before she came to work. “I would sit alone in my apartment, struggling with my thoughts,” she shares. “My heart was heavy. When I came to work with Refugee Sewing Society, it helped lift my burden of loneliness by spending time with other women who have become my close friends.” Lucy continues, “I am thankful for a place I can fellowship with my ‘sisters’ and learn new skills required to make WorldCrafts orders.”

Around the world, stories like these are occurring with WorldCrafts artisan partners. Your gifts to the Jackson/Reese Endowment aid the work of WorldCrafts. The impact is eternal—loneliness is disappearing, passions are being discovered, and individuals are finding eternal hope.

Written by Emily Swader, who serves as the WMU Compassion Ministries Hub Manager and Marketing Strategist at National WMU.

Zachariah Seanor

Director of Mission Advancement