‘Lives changed eternally’ without leaving home

Pinki was 19 when she arrived at Love Calcutta Arts, a WorldCrafts Support Freedom artisan group in Kolkata, India.

“Her mother was an alcoholic and sex worker, and her father was not in her life,” said Linda Cooper, former national WMU president.

But the people at Love Calcutta Arts opened their arms to Pinki. They do that for as many women and families as they can, hiring those most at risk of abuse, neglect, and poverty and introducing them to the gospel, too.

“Love Calcutta Arts provided Pinki a safe place to live and a second family that loves her dearly,” Linda said.

Today, Pinki is thriving—she’s the breadwinner for her family and has helped her mother overcome her alcohol addiction.

“Pinki has found new hope as an artisan through our Father,” Linda said, and Linda herself has been a part of that.

Though she’s never had the opportunity to meet Pinki, she has invested in Pinki’s life, as many WMU women have. Giving to the Vision Fund helps Linda “reach across the globe” and support the ministries that reach people like Pinki.

“The Vision Fund supports the ministry of WMU, ministry that aids in making disciples of Jesus who live on mission—a life-changing mission,” Linda said.

David George, who serves as president for the WMU Foundation, said that’s what the Vision Fund is for—to make ministries happen and change lives. None of the Vision Fund goes toward operational costs—all gifts go directly to support WMU ministries, from rescuing women to funding the MK Re-entry Retreat to keeping missions education curriculum going.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how far those funds stretch because they not only directly change lives but also encourage others to change lives, too.

For example, a ministry like Love Calcutta Arts could receive a gift from you through another fund that went directly to help fight human trafficking. But by giving to the Vision Fund, you not only help them directly but also help produce materials that groups all over the country read. A hundred groups may then read a story about Love Calcutta Arts, and they may reach out to learn more about how they can support that ministry specifically in an ongoing way.

“It’s leveraging at its finest,” David said, explaining that it’s impossible to calculate that impact.

Linda says she’s seen money from the Vision Fund do all of those things—including helping a Girls in Action group in California learn how to share their faith effectively.

A Girls in Action group from Immanuel Baptist Church in Highland, California, shares with paramedics at their church event.

“I saw that story on Facebook,” she said. She said the young girls had been trained in sharing the gospel, then got to put it into practice at a church event as they talked with the paramedics who had been assigned to the event.

“Lives changed eternally—that’s why I give to the Vision Fund,” Linda concluded.

Visit wmufoundation.com/vision to learn more about the Vision Fund and to give a one-time or monthly gift today.

Written by Grace Thornton.

Zachariah Seanor

Director of Mission Advancement