“Role” Call: Which Role May We Offer You?

Quiet on the set! (Please continue reading—with a stretch-y imagination.)

Picture this: The WMU Foundation is issuing a casting call for anyone interested in joining its current production. Did you know this long-running production is in its 26th year? Which role may we offer you?



No experience required. For those who are not donors now, this is the perfect part for you. Let us help you discover your missions passion and find a place for your contributions. You may quickly grow in the part and increase your missions influence along the way.

Ensemble Players

Are you part of a well-established group? Why not explore together how you can support the WMU Foundation financially? You’ll find over 120 funds and endowments from which to choose. Join other ensembles that are playing such roles. Try out anytime. We are always casting for other ensemble players.

Lead Part/s

Central characters naturally get the most lines and perform during the whole production. A simple way for you to take on one of the lead parts is to become a monthly donor. Our production is growing in the number of leads, and we always have room for more.


We are auditioning for a cast of thousands of extras. We believe extras are an extra-ordinary role for our production. Extras are the pray-ers who read our scripts, praying specifically for the needs we meet, the people we support, and the witness we show to the world. Pray-ers bring high drama to our production. Is this a role for you?

Cameo Roles

WMU Foundation board members appear at least twice a year to transact supportive board business.

Bit Part

We have never made calls for such a role. Every person plays an important part!

Starring Role

You will find a strange phenomenon in our casting a star role in the WMU Foundation production. Imagine. All of the above roles the Foundation seeks—all roles—when blended together, comprise the Star of the production. Join us and help us shine!


You may be one who could become a voice for the WMU Foundation right where you live. Your rehearsals involve keeping up with the news of what is happening in the WMU Foundation. There will be some around you who have never heard about the mission of the WMU Foundation. There will be some who are not up-to-date on our mission. You can stay informed and cue those around you to the tremendous blessing it is to take a role and play a part. You can tell them how God is blessing even the smallest gifts as we support WMU’s ministries and mission.

Director/Production Assistants

Foundation President David George faithfully fills this role, always assisted by his creative, excellent staff of production assistants. David’s portrayal as director of production accounts for its long-running, successful history.

No matter how you choose to get involved, you can be a part of the “role” call for the WMU Foundation—where every person in every role matters.

Written by Sylvia DeLoach, WMU Foundation board member (and one of our stars).

Zachariah Seanor

Director of Mission Advancement