The Jackson/Reese Endowment for WorldCrafts

In Thailand, WorldCrafts artisan group Thai Country Trim has been a safe haven for battered women to receive emotional and financial support for more than 25 years. A representative from Thai Country Trim said, “WorldCrafts has been an anchor of hope for our women, especially our sewing center in Chiang Klang, Nan (northern Thailand). Without the purse and bag orders over the past ten years, the center would not have remained open and the women would have had difficulty finding other jobs.”

WorldCrafts’ partnership with Thai Country Trim is possible with help provided from the Jackson/Reese Endowment.

The Purpose

The Jackson/Reese Endowment supports the work of WorldCrafts as it develops sustainable, fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world. Each WorldCrafts product represents a life changed by the opportunity to earn an income with dignity and to hear the offer of eternal hope.

Who It Supports

WorldCrafts partners with numerous artisan groups in many countries around the world—providing hope in difficult circumstances. A representative from WorldCrafts artisan group, Baptist Friendship House, shared about the impact of this support, “When our ladies know they are producing something that will be displayed in people’s homes across the world, they get excited, and their self-confidence increases. You can see their self-esteem increase as they utilize their creative skills.”

The Impact

From Master’s Handicrafts in Kyrgyzstan to Thai Country Trim in Thailand to Baptist Friendship House in the United States, the Jackson/Reese Endowment brings hope to the most vulnerable. Master’s Handicrafts helps women earn an income for themselves and their families. The artisan leader shared, “Orders from WorldCrafts give the women stability. They are paid a fair wage and know that their work will be appreciated and valued. They are able to stay at home with their families by working on WorldCrafts orders, which protects them from the corruption they would face in the world around them.”

Around the world, stories like these are occurring with WorldCrafts artisan partners. Your gifts to the Jackson/Reese Endowment aid the work of WorldCrafts. The impact is eternal—basic needs are being met, people are rebuilding their lives, and individuals are finding eternal hope.

Zachariah Seanor

Director of Mission Advancement