5 Days of Giving for Sandy’s 5 Years

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On October 15, Sandy Wisdom-Martin will celebrate five years of service as executive director at national WMU. We asked Sandy to share some of the lessons she learned over the last five years, and her wisdom is invaluable to us all.

5 Lessons

1. The Mission Matters Most

I’m sometimes asked, “What do you envision for the future of WMU?” The landscape transitions moment by moment. I often feel unsettled by the terrain that shifts constantly beneath our feet. In spite of the changes swirling around us at a dizzying pace, we can be confident about the future God has for us. How? By understanding our mission matters most. Our unwavering focus is to make disciples of Jesus who live on mission. When we live with this singular conviction, clarity emerges even in the midst of chaos.

2. Adversity Can Nurture Creativity

When we see chaos around us, the temptation is to want to huddle together and pray for the Savior’s quick return. God is saying, “I have more in mind for you.” We follow a creative God. We were made in the image of that creative God. He is the artist. Just like an artist autographs his masterpiece, we bear His imprint. Our hearts have been signed by Christ and the art is authenticated by His Spirit. His creativity breathes through us if we will allow it. We need to be the creative missions leaders He made us to be even in the midst of adversity.

3. Forgiveness Is a Command

It doesn’t take long to be in leadership to feel the painful arrows of foes and friends alike. Left on our own, I doubt many of us would exercise forgiveness. Maybe that is why it is a Scriptural command. The basis for our Christian faith is predicated upon forgiveness. Jesus taught us about forgiveness in the Lord’s Prayer. We’ve been transformed by the forgiveness of God. It is not us. It is God in us that enables us to forgive.

4. Everything Is a Risk So Take a Leap of Faith

Many people dread change and trying something new. However, often we fail to see there is also great risk in staying where we are. Fear immobilizes us, and we feel powerless in the face of our circumstances. God’s response over and over again is “fear not.” Leaders should pray for God to release His power, reveal His glory, and give them supernatural courage to walk where He leads.

5. Our Identity Is in Christ Alone

Assignments and roles will come and go in the course of our lives. None of us are defined by a job title. Our identity is given to us by our Creator who knows us and calls us by name. There is nothing anyone else can do to alter our identity. We are loved. We have been redeemed. We are His.

5 Experiences

When asked about five of her favorite experiences in her role as executive director, Sandy shared:

  1. Working with incredibly talented and gifted leaders who are passionate about God’s mission
  2. Standing in front of emerita missionaries and listening to them sing during worship at an IMB missionary appointment service
  3. Hosting hundreds at the WMU building for our annual Missions Celebration in 2019 and providing 131 missions experiences for our 131st birthday
  4. Engaging national WMU correspondents who traveled the nation in an RV writing stories of God at work through WMU
  5. Personally participating in missions discipleship for preschoolers as I lead Mission Friends weekly.

5 Things Sandy Loves

And finally, just for fun, we asked Sandy to tell us five things she’s currently loving:

  1. Reading again Canoeing the Mountains by Tod Bolsinger
  2. Rowing while listening to Keith Green albums from the late 70’s and early 80’s
  3. Sitting by the fire near our outdoor fireplace
  4. Leaves beginning to turn to fall colors
  5. Anything that smells like grapefruit

5 Days of Giving

Sandys5 1.png

Now that we all know a little bit more about Sandy (and plan to send her lots of grapefruit-scented candles), let’s honor her five years of service. A great way to do this is with a gift to the Vision Fund, which supports the overall ministry of WMU. The WMU Foundation and national WMU are celebrating Sandy’s anniversary with five days of giving, beginning on Monday, October 11, and ending on her anniversary, Friday, October 15.

When you give at least $50 during the 5 Days of Giving to the Vision Fund, you will be entered to win a giveaway of five of Sandy’s favorite things, including some beautiful WorldCrafts products and signed books by author and former missionary Rosalie Hunt.

Visit wmufoundation.com/vision to learn more and to give a one-time or monthly gift in Sandy’s honor today.