The Second Impact

I recently made a gift to the Vision Fund in honor of someone who had made a profound difference in my life. What happened as a result of that gift surprised me.

The first impact I expected. The money helped national WMU with their overall mission and ministry efforts, including missions discipleship, leadership development, and compassion ministries.

The other impact was unexpected. I received the following note:

“Dear David, I do appreciate that you have made the gift to the WMU Vision Fund in my honor. For many years, the time I have given to serving in WMU work at the church has been the most personally rewarding work to me. I never felt God was calling me to go and serve somewhere, but He did lead me to help send others and always pray for them. I think where you are today is the result of those early weekly meetings as 66th Street Baptist Church. Money is always needed. Thank you. Love, Mother”

When I gave in honor of my mother, it was to thank her for all she did for me as I grew up. I never thought about how everything she did with WMU over the years could potentially lead to me being where I am today. I am grateful for that second impact, for this connection that my mother and I will always have.

Is there someone you want to honor with a gift today? If you know the honoree’s missions passion, you could give to that to show you care. Or you could introduce them to your own missions passion with a gift to your favorite fund or endowment. If you haven’t found your missions passion yet, let us know, and we’d be happy to help.

Never underestimate the impact you have when you give.

Written by David George, WMU Foundation president.

Zachariah Seanor

Director of Mission Advancement