Second Century Fund: States Continue to Creatively Use Funds to Equip WMU Women to Become Strong Leaders

Created by WMU to celebrate its 100-year anniversary in 1988, the Second Century Fund financially supports WMU women’s leadership development in the United States and internationally.

While the global pandemic has caused everyone to rethink what normal means, WMU leaders across the United States have been incredibly creative and innovative as they made sure leadership development opportunities were still available to women in their states.

Here are some ways states used their Second Century Fund grants in 2021:

In Michigan, Susan Hodnett and her team hosted a WMU leadership development training event in August 2021.

Alabama WMU hosted an Emerging Leaders event in July 2021. “We hosted ten teenage girls in grades 9-12 for an overnight retreat,” explained Candace McIntosh, executive director of Alabama WMU. “These girls participated in leadership development, spiritual formations, and spent one-on-one time with missionaries.”

Alabama WMU also held an event in November 2021 where they worked with their state missionary to introduce Hispanic women to missions discipleship for the local church at an overnight retreat.

Alaska WMU used their Second Century Fund grant for travel expenses so their leadership team could fellowship and learn alongside other WMU women from other states. “Receiving the money from the Second Century Fund ensures women, children, church, and community are involved and educated about what WMU and the mission are all about,” said Angela Jones, Alaska WMU president. “Thank you for your assistance in making these events possible.”

Catherine Meyer in New York shared a few ways New York WMU used their Second Century Fund grant. “Part of the funds were used to bring my ten-member team through a Christian Women’s Leadership Center course called Spiritual Formation. Several members were so excited about the leadership courses they asked to continue, even if the whole team couldn’t participate,” Meyer said.

“The remaining funds went to a missions conference and dinner held on Friday, September 24, 2021,” explained Meyer. “Included in this day was a missions fair highlighting a WMU ministry for each month of the year.”

North Carolina WMU was able to host monthly virtual leadership luncheons. “We also used the money for a team retreat,” said Amy Boone, executive director of North Carolina WMU. “The idea is to train attendees how to best tell the WMU story as they go to churches in our state.”

This is but a sampling of the many ways various states are using Second Century Fund dollars to train and equip women through WMU women’s leadership development. When you give to the Second Century Fund, you are making a difference in the lives of these women. You are making these events—whether in-person or virtual— and opportunities possible.

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Written by Maegan Dockery, WMU Foundation communications manager.

Zachariah Seanor

Director of Mission Advancement