More Than a Tour

Bill and Sarah Kohler came to visit the national WMU building for a tour on Monday, April 11, 2022. After two full years of the pandemic keeping so many in-person events from happening, having visitors in the building again is an exciting change.

WMU Foundation Director of Operations Amy Cook gave the tour, showing the couple several historical artifacts throughout the first floor of the building. “I have been giving tours of the national WMU headquarters for years, and every one I conduct is different,” explained Amy. “While my presentation stays the same, the people that take the time out of their lives to come to Missionary Ridge to learn the history of WMU are passionate about missions and make each experience unique. Their enthusiasm is almost tangible, and it gives me great joy to see people so dedicated to the ministry of WMU.”

Bill Kohler, David George, Amy Cook, Sarah Kohler, and Zachariah Seanor take a photo together in the Alma Hunt Museum.

A family friend of Sarah’s just happened to be Alma Hunt, so this tour was especially meaningful to the Kohlers. “It was amazing to meet the Kohlers and hear their stories about Alma Hunt,” said Zachariah Seanor, WMU Foundation Development Services Coordinator. “To them, Alma wasn’t just another historical figure. She was a friend who loved to laugh and eat banana pancakes. We often only remember people for what they do, but the Kohlers reminded us of who Alma Hunt was beyond her work as an Executive Director of WMU.”

After touring the building, the Kohlers were also able to visit the Walk of Faith and see a brick honoring Alma Hunt. WMU of Virginia purchased a brick in honor of Alma in 2019, the perfect way to honor a missions hero to so many.

“Bill and I had such a wonderful time,” Sarah reminisced. “What a special time of fellowship! We really appreciate all of your help to tour WMU’s history.”

It’s easy to forget as we work in this building all of the history, memories, and stories that surround us each day, but sharing those things with others is a beautiful reminder to not take it for granted. WMU Foundation President David George said, “What a joy to spend time with people who knew Alma Hunt so well. We had a great visit, and each of us got to share our recollections and memories about a remarkable woman who did more for God’s Kingdom than we will ever realize. We hope others will come and share stories about their missions mentors!”

If you’re interested in visiting national WMU for a tour of the building and the Walk of Faith, click here. We hope to see you soon!

Written by Maegan Dockery, WMU Foundation communications manager. All photos provided by Bill and Sarah Kohler.

Zachariah Seanor

Director of Mission Advancement