What Do We Mean When We Say The Mission Matters Most?

On May 14, we will kick off the second annual Mission Matters Most campaign, asking donors like you to give to the Vision Fund to help move the ministry of WMU forward. Are you curious why we call this the Mission Matters Most campaign? While it may seem obvious to most, maybe you would like to know more specifically what we mean when we use this expression.

Clearly, one aspect is the Mission of God. That obviously is what should and does matter most to us. We also mean the mission that God gave WMU is what matters most. There are multiple needs within WMU, and many of them are, quite frankly, overwhelming. Those needs can distract us from what matters most, but those needs are not what actually matter most.

What matters most is for WMU to stay focused on the mission of God, and, more specifically, the mission God gave WMU. That is why we have this campaign. We need others to help us make sure that WMU can keep the mission as its focus.

Giving to the Vision Fund is a natural way to help accomplish that. Your gifts to the Vision Fund support every aspect of WMU’s mission and ministry efforts. With your generous financial support, WMU can continue to produce top-quality missions discipleship materials. WMU can provide compassion ministries that not only meet the physical and emotional needs of others but also engage believers in those ministry efforts.

The Vision Fund is not a “one size fits all” fund, but it is the best way to financially ensure that the mission will matter most to WMU right now. Because of that, we are grateful for the incredible support we have received from donors across the country over the years.

For those of you who have found your missions passion and give monthly, quarterly, or annually to the Vision Fund, we are especially thankful. This is a powerful way for you to help WMU stay focused on the mission that God has given them.

This year, as part of the Mission Matters Most effort, we are adding something for the future. The Marti Solomon Endowment provides annual support to the Vision Fund. It is a perfect way for that regular Vision Fund donor to set up a gift from their estate that will create annual support for the Vision Fund for many years to come. National WMU will tithe 10% of the total given during the Mission Matters Most campaign to this endowment for the future.

To help WMU with current needs, giving to the Vision Fund is the best way to show your support. To help WMU into the future, consider adding the Marti Solomon Endowment to your estate plans.

Our goal for the second annual Mission Matters Most campaign is to raise $50,000 from May 14 until June 12. The WMU Foundation gave a $5,000 gift to kick off the campaign, so we just need 336 donors to give $134 to reach our goal. Will you join us?

Written by David George, WMU Foundation President.

Zachariah Seanor

Director of Mission Advancement