How Can You Support WMU?

National WMU is known for making disciples of Jesus who live on mission. Their operating budget includes the cost of paying their staff and writers, producing curriculum, and mailing thousands of magazines to educate children, teenagers, and adults about being part of God’s mission. It also provides for the compassion ministries of WMU and helps develop women’s leadership courses. WMU’s missions curriculum, courses, and ministries educate, inspire, encourage, and motivate people in churches all around the world to join God in His mission.

The purchase of national WMU’s curriculum and products helps to offset the cost of their overall budget needs, but only a portion of their operating cost is covered by the purchase price of the magazines or products.

The rest of national WMU’s operating costs does not come from the Cooperative Program, and that is by design. WMU has always had a desire to promote the missions offerings of NAMB and IMB and to support missionaries through prayer, housing, missionary kid retreats and scholarships, and much more.

Part of the funding for WMU’s operating costs comes from donors like you who are committed to calling other Christians to be on mission with God. When you give to the Vision Fund, you support the overall ministry of WMU. Your gifts to the Vision Fund support Missions Discipleship, Leadership Development, and Compassion Ministries.

“Missions has always been a very important part of my service to the Lord,” explained Miki Hashimoto, an active WMU member and WMU Foundation donor.  “I accepted Christ in 1952 at a church in Hawaii, started by foreign missionaries who served in China. I was brought up in a Buddhist home, my father a leader in the church. I started attending Nuuanu Baptist Church in Honolulu, and when caring individuals shared the gospel message with me, I realized I was lost. From the beginning, there were ladies who taught me what missions was all about. I worked with GAs, Mission Friends, was active in WMU, and went on missions trips to Japan and Taiwan. If I can further God’s kingdom by contributing monthly to the Vision Fund, I am more than happy to do so.”

What can be accomplished through your gift means everything! Your gift to the Vision Fund will make a profound influence on WMU’s ability to help others fulfill God’s mission. Would you, your church, or WMU group consider a monthly gift to the Vision Fund to help sustain this mission?

“I love knowing that my monthly gift to the Vision Fund supports WMU,” said Bob Cardinal, chair of the WMU Foundation Board.  “It means my dollars assist in meeting the vision and purpose of helping people live their lives on mission.”

Visit to learn more and to set up your monthly gift today. We are grateful for your support of WMU through the years and look forward to how the Lord will continue to use WMU to make disciples of Jesus who live on mission.

Written by Maegan Dockery, WMU Foundation communications manager.

Zachariah Seanor

Director of Mission Advancement