Making a difference on college campuses through the BSU Advancement Fund

The Baptist Student Union (BSU) Advancement Fund aids Baptist collegiate ministries on college campuses across the country and provides aid in areas where local Baptist congregations are not able to support Baptist student ministries.

This grant was most recently awarded to the Baptist Convention of New England. Collegiate Director Andy Haynes said the funds would be used “to support our 10:2 intern program which provides recent graduates and seminary students support to serve in campus ministry on a campus in New England.”

When you give to the BSU Advancement Fund, you make ministry possible. This year, Lissy Sandoval received the grant as a stipend for her internship at the University of Massachusetts – Lowell. “Through my ministry on campus, I have been able to teach multiple women to become faithful disciple-makers who are committed to the work of discipleship in our local church, Mill City Church,” she explained. “This pipeline has developed into a strong group of women alumni, some who now volunteer with our campus ministry and others who disciple both students they meet on Sundays but also women in their community or workplaces.”

Because of this grant, Lissy is able to focus on working with more women to come to know Christ while also building relationships with them.

“One of my favorite stories is of a girl named Carla,” Lissy said. “Carla grew up going to church but did not know what it meant to be a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples. In her junior year of college, she began to read the Bible with Taylor, who comes from a Buddhist background. Through this time together, Taylor became a follower of Jesus. Taylor then joined our disciple-making group and began to share the Gospel with her friends and read the scriptures with others. She continues to grow and be a fruitful member of our church. As for Carla, seeing the transformation that happened in Taylor, she became even more passionate about sharing the Gospel. She is now one of our rising leaders who leverages her life both in her vocation and as a volunteer to continue to make disciples.”

Because someone gave to the BSU Advancement Fund, this story is possible. Because someone found their missions passion through collegiate ministry, Lissy is able to continue her ministry and disciple more and more women just like Carla.

“My goal in ministry is to raise up more Carlas,” shared Lissy. “I want to raise up women who get a vision of disciple-making and leverage their lives and their gifts to serve the Lord faithfully.”

As more and more people see the difference being made in New England and all over the world through collegiate ministry, we pray that others will find their missions passion through the BSU Advancement Fund so even more college students will come to know Christ. “The BSU Advancement Fund grant was honestly an answer to prayer at a time that I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to continue in full-time ministry,” concluded Lissy. “I am truly grateful for the support you’ve provided and for your prayers.”

You can visit to learn more about the BSU Advancement Fund and to give a one-time or monthly gift.

Written by Maegan Dockery, WMU Foundation communications manager.