Reflecting on 2020, Still Shooting for the Stars in 2021

Dear Friend,

I feel certain that none of us could have predicted in January what all 2020 would have in store for us. This has been a year full of uncertainty and loss, but I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you through it all. The WMU Foundation exists today because of our partnership with people like you. Thank you so much for your continued support this year and always.

We started this year with all sorts of plans and goals to celebrate the Foundation’s 25th year. We were shooting for the stars as we set big, lofty goals that we felt confident we could reach. Then, of course, we found ourselves in the middle of a pandemic.

While we didn’t reach all of the goals we set to coincide with the Foundation’s 25th anniversary, we are still proud of all that we were able to accomplish this year with your help. Some highlights for 2020 include:

  • Raising over $15,000 for the WMU HEART Fund to help with COVID-19 relief efforts on May 5, 2020, for Giving Tuesday Now
  • Gifting national WMU a $45,000 grant to help offset losses caused by the pandemic
  • Donating $51,980 to the Vision Fund to support WMU’s mission and ministries on Giving Tuesday
  • Granting over $80,000 from the WMU HEART Fund to help with COVID-19 and other disaster relief throughout the United States and internationally.


None of these highlights would be possible without you. I truly cannot say thank you enough for giving us so many reasons to celebrate during these unprecedented times. No matter how much you have been able to give, it is making a lasting impact for so many.

Finally, now is an important time for you to consider an end of the year gift to your favorite fund or endowment to help the WMU Foundation. Whether you want to give to scholarships for missionary kids, your state’s Touch Tomorrow Today endowment, the Joy Fund for WMU operations, or to the Vision Fund to support the overall ministry of WMU—we cannot provide more grants, awards, and scholarships without your generous gifts. We are so grateful for your generous support and know that we couldn’t do what we do without you!

Thank you again for your support. May God richly bless you during this holiday season.

In Christ’s love and service,

David George, WMU Foundation president

Zachariah Seanor

Director of Mission Advancement