Apply for Scholarships

The WMU Foundation and national WMU assist Southern Baptist students, including the children of Baptist missionaries (NAMB & IMB), and those preparing for Baptist missions service with scholarships. Individuals with no current Baptist connection cannot be considered for a scholarship.

Scholarship Applications and Endorsement Forms for the 2024-2025 academic year are no longer available. Please visit us again on September 1st 2024 as we begin the 2025-2026 scholarship season.

Checklist for Applicants

  1. The first endorsement MUST be completed by a WMU leader such as a WMU director, state or associational WMU leader, church WMU leader, or other WMU connection. Please have your WMU endorser state their WMU connection on their endorsement. If you need to connect to a WMU leader in your state, please visit the State WMU Offices webpage for your state’s WMU contact information.
  2. A second endorsement should be completed by an academic source such as a recent teacher or professor.

Please note, your application is considered incomplete until your references have submitted the endorsement form. Applications that are incomplete as of February 1 cannot be considered for a scholarship. No exceptions can be made, so be sure to follow up with your references and ensure they complete the endorsement form by February 1.

You do not need to tell us which scholarship you are applying for. We will review your application and place it in the scholarship category for which you qualify.

Scholarship recipients will be selected in June 2024. We notify those who receive scholarships and those who do not after the decisions are made.

Zachariah Seanor

Director of Mission Advancement