Dream Big: Support the WMU Vision Fund

The WMU Vision Fund was established in 1993 to support the ministries of WMU, which began over 130 years ago in the hearts of visionary leaders to pray and systemically raise money for missions.

A few of the ministries supported by the Vision Fund include WMU’s job skills and mentoring ministry, Christian Women’s Job Corps/Christian Men’s Job Corps (CWJC/CMJC); Project HELP, a WMU initiative designed to help the church address current social and moral issues; the annual Missionary Kid re-entry retreat, which helps IMB missionary kids as they transition back to the United States for college; and assistance to state WMU organizations.


Your gifts to the Vision Fund help CWJC/CMJC sites and participants. Christian Women’s Job Corps and Christian Men’s Job Corps equip women and men, in a Christian context, for life and employment. Through nearly 200 registered and certified CWJC/CMJC sites across the nation, thousands of women and men each year gain hope for their future.

The goals of Project HELP are to raise awareness of social issues and mobilize the church to meet needs and share the gospel. Since launching Project HELP in 1994, WMU has led the way in addressing social issues, including HIV/AIDS, racial injustice, anti-human trafficking, and poverty. The current emphasis for Project HELP is the global refugee crisis.

These are only two of the many WMU ministries supported by the Vision Fund that need your support to continue to grow.

Let’s Dream Big

COVID-19 negatively impacted many businesses and organizations all over the world, and national WMU was not exempt from that. “We were strategically poised for growth, and then COVID-19 hit our vibrant ministry with a force unequal to anything we’ve seen in recent decades,” said Sandy Wisdom-Martin, executive director-treasurer of national WMU.

The good news is, it’s not too late for you to make a difference. Your gifts to the Vision Fund can help move the ministry of WMU forward. Just imagine what we could accomplish when we dream big together!

Let’s do just that by doing all we can to support national WMU through the Vision Fund. Visit wmufoundation.com/vision to learn more and to give today.

We want to help you find your missions passion. Could yours be supporting national WMU? If so, the best way to do that right now is by becoming a monthly donor to the Vision Fund. You can learn more about monthly giving and get signed up at https://donate.wmufoundation.com/vision-fund

Written by Maegan Dockery.

Zachariah Seanor

Director of Mission Advancement