Walk of Faith

Could your missions passion be sharing the stories of the people who inspire you to live on mission each day?

The Walk of Faith is an honor/memorial pathway for those who love missions and inspire others in missions. Bricks are laid at the National WMU Building in Birmingham, Alabama.

100% of your purchase helps meet the operational needs of WMU through the Wanda Lee Joy Fund.

Step one: Decide Which Size Brick to Order

Regular Size: $250 Gift

Large Size: $500 Gift

Step Two: Order online or by mail

Email us at walkoffaith@wmu.org if you have questions or need help with your brick purchase.

Step Three: Receive Confirmation

After you order a brick, you and the person you ordered the brick in honor of (or their family if you ordered in memory of someone) will receive a graphic representation of what the finished brick will look like by mail. If you tell us not to send this to the person or their family, we will only send this confirmation to you.

This flyer includes the story/bio about the honoree if one is submitted. If there are any mistakes with the wording on the brick flyer, please let us know at walkoffaith@wmu.org by the date specified in your letter, and we will be happy to correct the errors and send you a corrected flyer.

Come and see your brick!

We would love to meet you! Schedule a tour to see the Walk of Faith and tour the WMU building. Groups are welcome!

Walk of Faith Stories

Bob Cardinal

Johanna Dawson

Brenda Harris

Zachariah Seanor

Director of Mission Advancement