Generosity Leads to Lasting Impact

While Nadean Bell lived in several states during her lifetime, she was deeply rooted in WMU everywhere she went. She served as President of the Baptist Convention of Pennsylvania/South Jersey and participated in state and associational WMU work in Ohio, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and in her home state of Arkansas. “We love WMU, missions, and our Lord. Any way that we can bring honor to Him, we will do,” Nadean said in 2012, and she never wavered from that statement.

Nadean found her missions passion in Touch Tomorrow Today (TTT) endowments. These endowments help the entire WMU family, benefiting the state WMU, national WMU through the Vision Fund, and the WMU Foundation. “It’s exciting to see what the funds from TTT endowments can do through so many diverse ministries,” continued Nadean. “By making gifts to TTT endowments in states we used to serve in, we can have a part in witnessing and ministry in those areas where we once lived today and into the future.”

When Nadean passed away in January 2022, part of the charitable portion of her estate benefitted three different TTT endowments. Because she found her missions passion, she left a lasting legacy in Arkansas, Pennsylvania/South Jersey, and Texas. “We are so grateful for our legacy heroes like Nadean Bell,” acknowledged Tamiko Jones, executive director of Texas WMU. “Because of her life and heart for missions, we are able to invest in leaders across Texas who are compelled to make disciples who make disciples. May Nadean’s example ignite a fire in others to extend their legacy through the WMU Foundation’s TTT endowments.”

In many states, the funds the WMU receives from their TTT endowment make up the majority of their budget for the year, so every gift makes an impact. Debbie Moore, executive director of Arkansas WMU, was overjoyed when she learned of the gift from Nadean’s estate. “We’re happy to now be able to bring Mother-Daughter Missions Camp back in 2023! This gift will help tremendously with the program expenses and will make a difference in the lives of first through fifth grade girls and their moms as they spend two days in a camp setting learning about missions, praying for missionaries, and growing closer to God through worship, crafts, Bible study, and recreation.”

Theresa Krieg, executive director of Pennsylvania/South Jersey WMU, was also overwhelmed by the generosity of Nadean’s gift. “Mrs. Bell’s gift to our TTT endowment provides a self-sustaining WMU such as ours the opportunity to help women and churches in our states to learn more about WMU,” she explained. “This gift helps with our WMU’s operational budget while allowing us to share a subscription to Missions Mosaic magazine with a woman who may need spiritual encouragement. We thank the many who, like Mrs. Bell, have chosen to help Pennsylvania/South Jersey WMU continue our work with their generous gifts.”

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By Maegan Dockery.

Zachariah Seanor

Director of Mission Advancement